NSW Building Commissioner Warns Certifiers


NSW Building Commissioner warns certifiers

News August 2020

NSW Building Commissioner, David Chandler, has set himself an ambitious goal of cleaning up the NSW construction industry, in light of the well-publicised failures and serious defects in many new-builds, especially in high-rise residential towers. As a remedial builder in the residential strata sector for over 40 years we regularly see the lack of quality workmanship from some builders. Realistically, the defects are a mix of cutting corners, cutting costs and poor building knowledge.

David Chandler’s new powers come into effect next week and he foreshadows far greater scrutiny of the certification process of new-builds, including the issuance of critically important Occupation Certificates, often by Private Certifiers. The market has long-accepted the often close relationship and potential conflicts of interest between certifiers, builders and developers.

As the Sydney Morning Herald has reported today, this looks set to change. Please include this link to SMH article

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